Furniture Repair, Furniture Refinishing & Restoration

Furniture Repair Consultation

If you have damaged furniture, whether your dining table, kitchen cabinets, chairs, desks, entertainment center or any other piece of furniture in your home or office, please do not hesitation to call for a free in home furniture repair and restoration consultation.  (There is a travel fee beyond Elmira/Horseheads.)

Antique Furniture Restoration, Repair and Refinishing

Although the antique value of a genuine antique may be lost with any type of refinishing or restoration.  Most antique or heritage damaged furniture is worth saving just of the quality or aesthetics of the piece.


Furniture Refinishing and Color Matching

When certain area of a piece of furniture are damaged, such as a table top, vanity, cabinet door, chair leg etc. there is always a concern that if that piece alone is refinished it will look off next to the existing furniture.

With many years of experience, JMR Woodworking specializes in color matching, both in stains and painted colors.

Furniture Installations, Pick-Up & Delivery

JMR Woodworking will remove, wrap and pick-up any furniture that needs to be repaired in the woodworking shop.

Valuable furniture is carefully wrapped in furniture blankets ensuring safe removal and return.

JMR Woodworking's years of moving experience ensures your furniture will be securely removed and returned to you.

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